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Curators’ Statement for the 2016/17 season: “In | Out”

The curator programme of Open Space is, for the second season, put together by the tandem of the international curator Thomas Frank and the Estonian curator Madli Pesti, who chose eight productions out of 35 projects that were submitted to the Estonian idea competition and ca 200 foreign applications for the 2016/2017 programme, uniting them under the title “IN I OUT”.

The programme includes five productions by Estonians and three from abroad. The productions give intriguing answers to questions like: Where are the boundaries between equality and difference? How do we see the scales between a uniform identity and cultural and political versatility? How much do we accept differences into our familiar environment? How much are we willing to share? How constant is our cultural identity? What does integration actually mean?

The selected productions include verbal and dance theatre, visual and technological theatre, poetry and music theatre, documentary and performance theatre, disco and boxing. The keywords are identity and technology, philosophy, ancient stories and oral heritage, fears, prejudices, combining and reconciling opposing values, identity crisis, digital culture, research on everyday life, masculine image, black humour.

There are both well-known authors, who have participated in prestigious theatre festivals of Europe as well as debutants on the theatre stage known from quite different (cultural) fields altogether.

Premiere Play Director(s) (Co)production
19.09.2016 “gender M” Jürgen Rooste
Vaba Lava
1.10.2016 “I’d rather dance with you” Oleg Soulimenko (Austria/Venemaa) Vaba Lava and R.A.A.A.M
29.10.2016 “Syrian tales” Helen Rekkor Vaba Lava
14.01.2017 “Sons of Sissy” Simon Mayer (Austria) Vaba Lava and Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava
8.02.2017 “Firebugs” Siim Tõniste ja Sveta Grigorjeva Vaba Lava
18.04.2017 “The Return of Furby” Urmas Vadi Vaba Lava
12.05.2017 “IDEM” Audiokinetica Vaba Lava and Vene Teater
22.05.2017 “Distinguishing Marks” Chris Kondek / Christiane Kühl (Saksamaa/USA) Vaba Lava