Lexsoul Dancemachine – “Sunny Holiday in Lexico” Tallinn premier!

Organiser Estonian Funk Embassy

Direct flight to the golden sands of Lexico island starts here! The monsoon season of Tallinn will be left behind with a trip coordinated by Estonia’s hottest funk-soul act Lexsoul Dancemachine and a 15-member tribe called Afro Tallinn Beat Orchestra. A warm welcome to everybody yearning for a sunny holiday under the palm trees, at the Coconuts resort. Flight starts at Vaba Lava. According to meteorologists the temperatures rise from 20-25°C, a little humidity is to be expected.

“Sunny Holiday in Lexico” is the 2nd LP by Lexsoul Dancemachine – a postcard from the well-hidden island carried here by latin-funk and exotic disco waves.

Vacation package includes:

Afro Tallinn Beat Orchestra performance. A 15-member tribe of singers and musicians from Brazil, Japan, Australia, Russia, Estonia and Finland posessed by the spirit of Fela Kuti.

Lexsoul Dancemachine present “Sunny Holiday in Lexico” LP. Lexpedition members who discovered the island: Robert Linna, Martin Laksberg, Caspar Salo, Jürgen Kütner, Kristen Kütner, Joonas Sarapuu.

DJs Roma PI & Henrik Ehte from Estonian Funk Embassy grant travelers with diplomatic immunity.