TRIPPING STONES by Karlsruhe Baden State Theatre

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“TRIPPING STONES” by Karlsruhe Baden State Theatre

An introduction to the play by dramaturg Jan Linders: 25 May 18:40
Language: in German, Estonian and English surtitles

Germany after 1933 – state control and censorship. The play “Tripping Stones” (German “Stolpersteine”) reminds us of a tragic chapter in the German cultural history: how the anti-Semitic discrimination and the dismissal of left-wing and liberal theatre artists took place after Hitler’s rise to power.

To that end, the Director Hans-Werner Kroesinger and dramaturg Regine Dura, two of the most important freelance theatre documentary makers in Germany, reconstructed original documents from the Karlsruhe State Theatre archives. The files, newspaper reports, memoirs and interviews with witnesses unfold once again on the stage. People in the audience find themselves sitting at a large work desk, and learn how in Karlsruhe, Jewish actors, a Jewish prompter and the artistic director were dismissed, arrested, driven into exile or to suicide.

The “Tripping Stones” production is “a lesson about the impartial operation of a state bureaucracy” (quote from the reasoning statement of the Theatertreffen 2016 festival Jury).

WITH Marthe Lola Deutschmann, Antonia Mohr, Jonathan Bruckmeier, Gunnar Schmidt

DIRECTED BY Hans-Werner Kroesinger
MUSIC BY Daniel Dorsch
DRAMATURG Annalena Schott, Jan Linders

„Stolpersteine Staatstheater“ („Tripping Stones State Theatre“) was one of the ten most remarkable productions that were invited to the Berlin theatre festival Theatertreffen 2016.



“Tripping Stones”, a work by a Cologne artist Gunter Demnig, can be seen in the streets and squares of almost every town in Germany as well as elsewhere across the world. The cobblestone-sized concrete cubes bearing a brass plate act as reminders of the victims of the Third Reich every day. Two of such stones can be found in front of the Baden State Theatre, commemorating the singer Lilly Jankelowitz and the actor Paul Gemmeke.


The play is a part of the „German Spring“ programme of the Goethe-Institut Tallinn.


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