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Vaba Lava seeks out independent companies to support their work by presenting them on our stage in the 2016/2017 programme.

For the season 2016/2017 Estonian artists in the field of performing arts are invited to submit proposals for new creations of contemporary theatre & dance, music theatre, performance and live art.

In recent years allegedly the biggest migration wave in the history of the world is taking place. This poses a difficult challenge in confronting new situations politically, socially and culturally. Doubtlessly, the current migration waves will have long-term impacts on cultural identities. The precarious political situation puts an enormous emphasis on the undecided and fundamental issue of integration in Europe. How much are we willing to share? How much can we accept the unfamiliar in our life? What constitutes a cultural identity? Is a strong local cultural identity the ground for tolerance or for repression? How much can we imagine changing ourselves to accommodate the integration of the other?

There is no single European perspective on these issues and the local political, geographical, historical and social implications vary enormously throughout Europe.

In Estonia the political establishment is calling for tolerance and integration. It’s unclear though, whether integration means that the newcomers need to adjust themselves to the local customs and traditions. Are they accepted only to the degree they are willing to assimilate? How much are we willing to open up to the unknown?

On the backdrop of these crucial political questions, the call is asking for artistic projects from the fields of stage arts that examine the ambiguous notions of integration: where are the borders between identity and diversity, tolerance and ignorance, equality and indifference? This thematic frame can be approached from various angles. The proposals don’t necessarily have to deal with the actual political situation but can instead explore issues of integration on a more abstract level.

You are invited to participate in the idea competition. Consequently, six productions will be selected by a  team of the international curator Thomas Frank  and the Estonian curator Madli Pesti for performance in the 2016/2017 Vaba Lava Curated Programme.


The deadline for submitting the applications is 13st December 2015.

Participants in the programme will be announced in the end of January 2016.



Please fill out the  application form (Word) and  the budget form ( Excel).

(Please fill out the  application form (Word) and  the budget form ( Excel))


Please  submit the description of the organisation or the theatre company, the CV and portfolio of an  individual applicant and DVDs or photos of previous productions.

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