100% Narva

VABA LAVA lavastus Theatre, Narva eesti ja vene

Narva, the center of Estonia’s Russian-speaking minority, which includes about 95% of the population, is right on the border with Russia, has a total of 53,982 inhabitants, only 8% of whom are younger than 10 years and 55% are female.

For statistical purposes, people are regularly converted into pie wedges, bars and curves – which are then used to make political arguments or to create economic cost-benefit strategies. What if these statistics were given faces? What if Narva’s population was represented on stage by 100 persons?

100% Narva takes the official statistics of the city and gives them a human face, placing on the stage one hundred of its inhabitants that represents the entire population of the city. Each of them also speaks for him or herself: about their lives, their joys and their sorrows.
In a playful manner this sampling of the city answered questions. In always new constellations they gave their faces to the statistical numbers. Groups appeared who had kids, who wanted kids, who were looking for work, who were in dept, who let their money work for them, who owned weapons and who had fled from armed conflicts, those who had been in prison and those who were for the reintroduction of the death penalty.

Spreading throughout the city over three months ago, 100% Narva began with the casting of one member who had to recruit another in 24 hours, who then recruited another and so on – all according to specific criteria of age, gender, household type, geography, language and population group of this Estonian city in the far east.

Perfromance is in Estonian and Russian.

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  • Concept Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, Daniel Wetzel
  • Direction Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel
  • schenographie Mascha Mazur, Marc Jungreithmeier
  • set, light, video Andreas Mihan
  • producer, casting
  • producer Maitén Arns
  • assistant Serafima Kolodkina
  • dramaturgie Mihhail Komaško
  • music AveNova

100 people who live in Narva