VABA LAVA lavastus Theatre, Dance

Organiser Vaba Lava

Prometheus freed mankind: he stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to people, so they could make something good out of it.

Now we have a warm shelter to protect us against the cold, juicy, tender beef on the table, a warm, crackling blaze in the hearth to fend off the lurking creatures in the shadows of the room when night descends.

Everything could be beautiful, everything could be fine.

Only it is not.

Man takes the gift of the gods and sets someone`s house on fire, burns down a whole town. What a spectacular sight indeed! What a grand show! He searches out the ones who seem suspicious. Look, he is so weird!! Abandon all reason! Burn the witch!

Man is so ingenious, he may have the best intentions and then he turns everything upside down and the intended good becomes eventuaal evil. But maybe it`s not plain evil at all. Just innocent pleasure you feel lighting a match. The rush of adrenalin involved. Be warned! Don´t play with matches! Don`t gaze for long into the fire! The fire will hold you spellbound!

The power of fire is ambiguous!

When you set fire to a car, you are a criminal.

When an artist does the same, it’s a performance.

When a Tibetian monk sets himself on ablaze, it`s protest against Chinese authorities.

When an Estonian performative artist does the same, it`s a pointless suicide.

Premier on 8 February 2017 at the Vaba Lava venue.

Performances on 10th, 11th, 25th, 26th and 27th of February 2017 at the Vaba Lava venue.

Artist´s talk after the second performance on 10 February.



  • Idea and direction Siim Tõniste, Sveta Grigoryeva
  • Sound design Artjom Astrov
  • Scenic design Arthur Arula
  • Lightning design Priidu Adlas

Cast: Riina Ausma, Aijar Ausma Sveta Grigoryeva, Siim Tõniste