PREMIER, The Curated Program Kuraatoriprogrammi lavastus Theatre with Estonian subtitles

Organiser Vaba Lava SA

Jarmo Reha is an Estonian actor. Armel Roussel is a Belgian director. When they both met, they decided to develop a project together. Accompanied by a video maker, they traveled to Japan, India, and Senegal, looking for something that could change their perspective. Out of this geographical and also inner journey was born a solo piece in English – funny and deep at the same time. Both artists consider the performance as a gift towards the public. At the 10th Monodrama Festival, they will present the first part (Japan) of a project that has more parts and chapters.

Armel Roussel is a French Belgian film and theatre director. In 1996 he founded his own company (E)Utopia based in Brussels. He also works as an actor, performer, writer, and teacher. Roussel mostly gives lessons at INSAS in Brussels but is also a guest lecturer at the Conservatoire de Liège, the Ecole du TNB, Rennes or the Conservatoire de Paris. Since 2016, he is directing the “cycle de mise en voix radiophoniques“ with the title Ca va, ça va le monde/ All good, all good the world for RFI at the Festival d’Avignon.



Jarmo Reha