Maria’s Marriage

Tallinn, Narva, Endla teater

“Maria’s Marriage” is based on Reiner Werner Fassbinder’s 1979 film “The Marriage of Maria Braun”. The action is set in Germany during and in the years just after World War II. Maria is waiting for her husband who she just married and who is now fighting on the front lines.

“Maria’s Marriage” is a piece about love and the struggle to survive in a landscape of new world orders where everything has changed and everything is uncertain. How do you love in a country that has just experienced war and is under occupation? How do these circumstances make you behave? What challenges do you meet in your daily life? Is there a right and wrong way to behave? Can we live with the choices we have made?



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  • director Harald Rosenstrøm (NO)
  • dramaturg Mari Kjeldstali (NO), Harald Rosenstrøm (NO)
  • movement manager Terje Tjøme Mossige (NO)
  • art director Jaanus Laagriküll

Laval: Ester Kuntu, Elina Reinold, Henrik Kalmet, Ott Kartau, Helgur Rosenthal