in Estonian National Museum Theatre, Dance

Organiser Vaba Lava SA

“Monaka” means the Japanese traditional sweets which contains sweet beans cream between two hard puffs. The concept is the rhythm of the Japanese as an agricultural people. The music is composed by Satoru Wono. Its ideas consist of the homage to “Pavane” composed by Joseph-Maurice Ravel . A solemn style and vitality. Individuality and control. Ancient times and today. The stratum and archeology. Lamination of time. Everybody is a unit of time. Time is shifting to several layers by a procession dance and physical movement. All things to the next, what is a part of something already happened. That is memory.
Choreography: Direction Un Yamada
Music:Satoru Wono
Costume design : Yuko Ikeda
Lighting design : Yukiko Sekine
Production : Co. Un YamadaDance: Co.Un Yamada
Toru Hasegawa, Chisa Hirosue, Sayuri Iimori, Chinami Ito, Toshihiko Jo, Llon Kawai, Kota KiharaMasa, shi Koyama, Yoko Mita, Yuki Nishiyama, Naoyuki Sakai, Ayako Yamashita, Mayu Yamazaki.