Production “Secondhand Time: The Last of the Soviets” is based on the novel of the same name by the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate Svetlana Alexeyevich.

“Now I want to remember… I want to understand what we lived through. The last of the Soviet years… What do I remember? The shame didn’t leave me for a moment. Maybe in fifty or a hundred years, our lives, the so- called „life during socialism “will be described objectively. Without tears and curses … I remember very well when the TV or radio was turned up during conversations. There was a whole science behind it. Eavesdropping, acting as an informant – it was everywhere, in every level of society… Such a society could only survive on fear.”

What is it that makes someone fight for communism as an ideology? What did it mean to live in an era of totalitarianism? How were faith and hope preserved at a time when communist ideology penetrated deep into everyday life? What was the Soviet lifestyle and people’s way of living like?

The production takes a look at Soviet history, the Soviet regime and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. The production, based on the work of the Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexeyevich, creates a picture through people’s stories and retrospect of the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet period. We are now ready for that. Ready to look back and speak. Or are we?

These are stories likely to trigger an entire spectrum of feelings within the viewer. Stories that, by their very nature, are capable of bringing about a change in our sense of life.