“Syrian tales” performance for all family

VABA LAVA lavastus Theatre EST

Organiser Vaba Lava and MTÜ Misanzen

Fairytales often begin with the words once upon a time or behind the seven seas there lived….Immediately these words trigger your imagination and fill you with longing for far-away lands and the wonderful and frightening worlds where anything is possible.

Over the times, the underlying theme of most folk stories and fairytales has been allegorical quest for spiritual self-discovery. Fairytales teach a lesson in moral living, the core of which is being responsive and responsible toward other people. Virtues are the traits of character that enable persons to use their freedom in morally responsible ways, so these stories basically remind of universal truths whose claims to permanence we would not question anywhere.

With the piece Syrian Tales, a group of young Estonian multidisciplinary artists attempt to explore and discover the inner wisdom and beauty of the Syrian folklore.

The dramaturgy of the piece is based on a collection The Syrian Folktales, gathered by the famous Syrian poet Samir Tahhan.

The poet collected folktales from old men sitting outside their houses in Aleppo, drinking tea. Afraid these stories would disappear with the passing of this generation, Tahhan also went to halls and events to hear professional storytellers and record their performances. Some of the tales appeared in rhyming verse in Arabic and some were based on events that are said to have actually taken place in Aleppo. Even if the tales echo a totally different culture, with their emphasis on morality and social values, they appear to have universal appeal and charm.

Premier on 29 October 2016 at the Vaba Lava venue.




  • Conceived and directed by Helen Rekkor
  • Scenic and costume design Maarja Pabunen
  • Lightning design Priidu Adlas
  • Sound design and composers Martin-Eero Kõresaar and Villem Rootalu
  • Video design Kristin Pärn
  • Dramaturg Liis Väljaots
  • Project manager Mihkel Tikerpalu
  • Production Vaba Lava
  • A co-production by MTÜ Misanzen

Cast: Rauno Kaibiainen, Shannon Quinn, Katrin Kalma and Artur Linnus