The End of the Night

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The End of the Night

The End of the Night, written and directed by Rainer Sarnet, is loosely based on the novel La Fin de la nuit (The End of the Night), written by the Nobel Prizewinning French author, François Mauriac. Fin de la nuit is a sequel to Mauriac`s most broadly acclaimed novel Thérèse Desqueyroux, a story of a complex woman trapped by provincial life.

Is it possible for anyone to grasp the truth? What is truth after all? Thérèse, in her relentless pursuit of the truth, can `kill with a kiss`, rip off the masks and render anyone helpless.

The beautiful poisoner Thérèse is irresistible because by trying to be ruthlessly honest, she sets her mind free. However, telling the truth seldom makes one happy: it only causes further complications.

In the middle of a web of psychologically loaded intrigue, there are two women, the mother and her daughter, spinning poisonous thread. With her music, the composer Ann Reimann from the group Eeter aims to convey the deep spiritual insight, artistic intensity and musicality of François Mauriac`s style.


Conceived and directed by Rainer Sarnet

Scenic, costume and lighting design: Kristjan Suits

Composer: Ann Reimann

Choreographer: Tiina Mölder

Cast: Maria Peterson (Therese Desqueyroux) and Maria Koff (Marie Desqueyroux), Karl Robert Saaremäe, Maria Koff, Linda Kolde, Sander Roosimägi.

Rainer Sarnet is an Estonian theater and film director and scriptwriter. He mostly writes the scripts for his theatre productions and films himself, but they are usually loosely based on fiction. Rainer Sarnet has adapted for the theater The snow (Schnee) by Stanislaw Przybyszewski, Mother by Maksim Gorki, What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband; or Pillars of Society (Wasgeschah, nachdem Nora ihren Mann verlassen hatte oder Stutzender Gesellschaften) by Elfriede Jelinek, and The Language of Flower by Frederico Garcia Lorca. In 2011, Rainer Sarnet created and directed for the screen The Idiot by Fjodor Dostoyevsky for which he and the scenographer Mart Taniel was awarded the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Award.

In 2017 his feature film November was launched at the 16th Tribeca Film Festival in New York, which won the Best Cinematography in an International Narrative Feature Film Award.

Jury Comment: “We were particularly impressed by the high level of the cinematography of the films we’ve just seen which had very different styles and demands. One film was particularly audacious and showed supreme command of its visual language. The Best Cinematography Award goes to Mart Taniel for November.”

In Estonian language.

The show on 9.11.2018 is performed in Estonian with translation to English.