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YERMA 9. PM – Lone figures lost in thought 

An estranged couple are forced to spend time on lockdown and have both very different ideas of killing time: one of them wants to have a baby and one them would rather die.

Who to ask for advice, the Wolt courier? Soon enough the only thing speaking in the flat is the TV and at 9 PM it only shows Yerma, a movie about a woman named after barren land.

”YERMA 9 PM” is a show about the uncertain future, the different ways we search for comfort and hope and the choices we have to make.”

Laura Mattila is a up-and-coming Finnish freelance director, who resides in Helsinki. Her most well know production Full Pull, Woyzeck! premiered in 2018 in her own living room but after rave reviews it was picked by theatres and is still touring the country. She is known for her focus on actors and quirky esthetic. Aside from theatre she has worked in radio, as a visiting lecturer in Uniarts Helsinki and as a columnist in Teatteri & Tanssi + Sirkus magazine.

“YERMA 9.PM” is from Vaba Lava curated programme “AFTER. New order”, 2021-2023 the curator is Norwegian actor Harald T. Rosenstrøm.


Pictures from the rehearsals Siim Vahur.

Special credits for  Eesti Kultuurkapital, Soome Instituut Eestis ja TelepART programm.



  • Mon 20.March 2023 At: 19:00

    Tallinna Vaba Lava
  • Wed 19.April 2023 At: 19:00

    Tallinna Vaba Lava


  • Lavastaja ja autor Laura Mattila (FIN)
  • Kunstnik Julia Jäntti (FIN)
  • Helilooja Markus Tapio (FIN)
  • Valguskunstnik Emil Kallas

Riina Maidre, Reimo Sagor (Teater Vanemuine), Loviise Kapper, Kaarel Targo (Must Kast), Külli Reinumägi