(The Dissident)

VABA LAVA lavastus Theatre In ESTONIAN

Organiser Vaba Lava

(The Dissident) tells the story of a middle-aged former Soviet punk rocker, a one-time dedicated mischief maker and social rebel. In the past he used to know what he stood for, but times have changed, the flame of revolt has died, the great expectations faltered and failed. All the obstinate anti-establishment radicalism has come to nothing, so the snarling provocateur is facing an authenticity crisis. He has to admit the bitter truth: in the post-truth era, there is no target to hit.

Without much conviction, he still carries on raging against corporate capitalism and posting vitriolic comments in the social media. Because of his uncontrollable anger and frustration, the pathetic punk icon has lost almost all close human contacts and consequently, has been assigned for anger management therapy.

A young Swedish councellor from Stockholm uses all her professional know-how to help him learn skills to manage the triggers for anger, teach him how to relax and stay calm. But how can one tame the `raging bull` born with an angry temperament? It is not going to be easy for the therapist, for sure.

Conceived and directed by Andri Luup

Scenic and costume design: Arthur Arula

Sound design: Tõnis Leemets

Light design: Priidu Adlas

Producer: Ere Naat and Vaba Lava

Cast: Ivo Uukkivi (Eesti Draamateater), Mari Abel or Laura Peterson and Helena Lotman, Ali Belakehal

Andri Luup is an Estonian playwright, theatre and film director, stage desiger and actor. He has been working mainly for the theatre company Theatrum.

Andri Luup studied art at Tallinn Pedagogical University and continued his education at the Estonian Institute of Humanities, where he focused on drama and theatre studies. In theatre, Andri Luup has directed Susi (The Wolf), Phoenix, Piloot (The Pilot), Pruuniks, (TheTanned ), Reha (The Rake), Tuvi (The Dove), Talvevalgus (Winter Light). He has directed both documentaries and feature films such as Ferdinand, Nimepanijad (The Nominees), Laulurahvas (The Nation Who Sings) and Kinnunen. He has created over 10 scenic designs and performed as an actor in17 theatre productions. In addition, Andri Luup teaches film directing and dramaturgy at the Tallinn high school Vanalinna Hariduskollegium.

Premier on 4th November 2017.

Artist´s talk after the second performance on 6th November.

Performed in Estonian language.