The Vaba Lava Narva Theater Center has:

The subtenant of Narva Vaba Lava is ERR.

The architectural solution of the Vaba Lava Narva theater house enables flexible use of the premises for theater and dance performances as well as concerts, exhibitions, lectures, seminars, conferences, gala, and media events. It is possible to rent halls separately as well as the entire house as a whole. The Vaba Lava team will help you choose rooms according to your needs.

More information:

BlackBox (370,8 m2, 216 seats on the tribune, max. 300 seats in the hall with added seats) + backstage

Studio hall (135,6 m2, 70 seats)

Small hall (81,8 m2, 50 seats)

Meeting room (26,7 m2, 12 seats)

Cafe No2 (60 seats)

Hostel (8 beds)

Freight elevator


Blackbox audio and lighting equipment

Blackbox translation equipment

BlackBox floor plan

Studio hall equipment

Small hall equipment

Vaba Lava Narva 1st floor plan with measurements

Vaba Lava Narva 2nd floor plan with measurements

Vaba Lava Narva 3rd floor plan, technical

Vaba Lava Narva fermi ja käiguteede lubatud koormused

Photos of events: