About curator

Harald T. Rosenstrøm


He is a Norwegian actor, director, and lecturer. He graduated from Kirill Serebrennikov’s course at the Moscow Art Theater Studio, majoring in acting. He has worked as an actor at the Moscow Art Theater, at the Gogol Center in Moscow, and in Centers dramatiques nationaux in France and participated in films in Norway and Russia. Currently, Rosenstrøm runs the Stolbakken Theater School in Norway.


Vaba Lava focuses on the Nordic countries and Scandinavia, including theater people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The curator of the next two seasons of Vaba Lava is Norwegian actor and director Harald T. Rosenstrøm.


We do not know when the pandemic will end and to what extent it will change us. How will it change our understanding of ourselves and the world? How will it change our understanding of theater and performing arts, and whether audiences even need the forms of theater the way we have them now? “After everything. The new world order” is meant to emphasize big changes. How do you start over after life-changing events? What will the new world order be like, and how will it work?

This time, the focus is on Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. Projects that may or may not be related to these countries are welcome. “I am looking for projects that explore both the topic of the curatorial program and the world we live in today. Projects that would explore changes in human nature but at the same time would be open to different forms of theatre. How do we communicate and engage audiences? What has changed?  The theme of this curator’s program leaves freedom for interpretation and the opportunity to emphasize all major changes in people’s lives.”