Х ** войне. Ukraine. Letters from the front

VABA LAVA lavastus Theatre, Other, Tallinn, Narva eesti ja vene keeles

Organiser Vaba Lava

Х ** войне. Ukraine. Letters from the front

This is a play about war. From what is happening now. About how the war started. What happens to people who are separated by war. This is documentary evidence in letters that friends currently in Ukraine and Russia send to each other every day. The author of the idea is the actor and director Julia Aug. The basic text is her correspondence with friends in bomb shelters in different cities of Ukraine. It is not just a theatrical production, but a living chronicle of what is happening right now, in our time, around us and in our lives.

Duration 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Performed in Estonian and Russian with English surtitles.

“Lavastus, mis sööbib hinge” – SIRP





  • Author and stage director Yulia Aug
  • Set designer Katharina Kuusemets
  • Video designer Laura Romanova
  • Light designer Priidu Adlas (Eesti Draamateater)
  • Musical director Ardo Ran Varres
  • Translator Tiit Alte

On stage: Ivo Uukkivi (Eesti Draamateater), Rea Lest, Simeoni Sundja, Loviise Kapper, Harald T. Rosenstrøm (NO)