Border EUphoria


  • Concept and devising

    Giacomo Veronesi

  • Spatial concept and costumes

    Anita Kremm, Liisamari Viik

  • Movement

    Kirte Jõesaar

  • Sound design

    Kymbali Williams

  • Artistic collaboration

    Serafima Kolodkina


Lena Pavlenko, Olga Kirn, Natalja Orehhova, Jelena Sergejeva ja samuti kunstilise meeskonna muutuvad liikmed

Giacomo Veronesi
Border EUphoria (2023)

In his latest performance, Giacomo Veronesi collaborates with citizens residing in the Estonian-Russian border city of Narva, some of whom have been living with gray “aliensʼ passports” since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In a time newly obsessed with maps and borders, Veronesi invites the audience to engage with undefined states of citizenship and their potential labels in an age of war, challenging the notion of Europe and its perceived boundaries.

Giacomo Veronesi (1984, Milan, Italy) is a director, lecturer, and performance artist exploring experimental forms of theater and acting. He has been creating performances at state theaters in the German-speaking world (Thalia Theater, Hamburg; Lucerne Theater; Schauspielhaus Zürich) as well as in the international independent scene, often also in public spaces. Veronesi collaborates regularly with the Estonian duo Ene-Liis Semper and Tiit Ojasoo. He is currently conducting long-term research with actors from all over the world to deal with fundamental questions of theater in acting training and theater workshops.

Duration: ca. 80 min.

Premiere 22nd IX in Graz, Austria, at the festival of performing and visual arts “Steirischer Herbst”.

Commissioned by steirischer herbst ʼ23
Produced by steirischer herbst ʼ23 in coproduction with Vaba Lava
With the kind support of Linda Kaks OÜ and the Estonian Embassy in Vienna

Photos: steirischer herbst / Clara Wildberger