War and peace: because of the war we didn’t want, but were prepared for anyway


  • Author-director

    Jakub Skrzywanek (POL)

  • Author-dramaturg

    Emily Reilly (IRL)

  • Choreograph

    Agnieszka Kryst (POL)

  • Sound design

    Markus Robam

  • Light design

    Raimond Danilov

  • Video design

    Laura Romanova

  • Set design / stage manager

    Berta Kelder

  • Producer

    Katarina Tomps

  • Translator

    Raili Lass

  • Clinical Psychologist

    Consultant Maria Àydemır


Loviise Kapper, Liis Lindmaa, Reimo Sagor (Teater Vanemuine) ja Karl Edgar Tammi

Is it possible to imagine war? What is a special operation or peacekeeping mission? A conflict between two nations or a conflict between two people? Or is the war instead the exile of a million people?

Due to the active war in Ukraine, the fear of war has increased throughout Europe. Vaba Lava’s new play examines the consequences of war crimes and wants to find solutions to existing situations. World wars, as well as missions in foreign countries, have thrown many people with post-traumatic stress disorder into society. Will this scenario repeat itself with fighters returning from the Ukrainian front?

The play “War and Peace” is partly based on the troupe creation but mainly on interviews with Estonian war veterans – both those who have served in the Soviet army and on missions for reindependent Estonia.

Director Jakub Skrzywanek is interested in human relations during and after the war. He is not looking for heroes or victims, but real honest stories that would give us, the audience, an understanding of the thoughts and feelings of people who have been in a war situation. The desire is to understand those who have put away their weapons and returned to “normal life” when they returned. Is it possible to imagine this life?

Premiere on October 13, 2023, in Rävala 8 conference hall.

The play “War and Peace”. The war we didn’t want but we were prepared for” is the sequel to Jakub Skrzywanek’s play ” Crime and Punishment”, which premiered in June 2023. Crimes of the Russians that we do not understand.”

NB! Explosive cartridges are used in the play.

Duration 1h 20min. Premiere 13th of October in Tallinn.