Spring Awakening


  • Lavastaja ja dramaturg

    Armel Roussel

  • Lavastaja assistent

    Julien Jaillot

  • Valguskunstnik

    Amélie Géhin

  • Helikunstnik

    Pierre-Alexandre Lampert

  • Kostüümikunstnik

    Coline Wauters

  • Valdkondadevaheline koostöö

    Nathalie Borlée

  • Tehnikajuht

    Rémy Brans

  • Valgustehnik

    Baptiste Danger

  • Produtsent

    Gabrielle Dailly

  • Lava- ja kostüümikujundus

    Ateliers du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles

  • Kaasprodutsendid

    Belgia Rahvusteater, Normandia Roueni Riiklik Etenduskunstide Keskus, the COOP asbl, Shelter Prod. ja Vaba Lava.

  • Grimmikunstnik

    Urteza da Fonseca

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakeningis an adaptions of the play by the same title of the controversial German playwright Frank Wedekind. Frank Wedekind is one of the most daring dramatic spirits in Germany, who set out in quest of new truths. In Spring Awakening, his first major play, Frank Wedekind laid bare the shams of morality in reference to sexuality, especially attacking the ignorance surrounding the sex life of the child. He called his drama `the tragedy of childhood`, dedicating his work to parents and teachers. Even if Spring Awakening was written more than 100 years ago, for the Belgian director of the piece Armel Roussel, the core story of troubled teenage sexuality is as topical and intriguing as it was at the beginning of the last century. It is already the fourth time in his professional career that he has turned to Wedekind.

Adaptation, scenography and stage manager: Armel Roussel

Director`s assistant: Julien Jaillot

Light design: Amélie Géhin

Sound design: Pierre-Alexandre Lampert

Costume design: ColineWauters

Artistic collaboration: Nathalie Borlée

Technical direction: Rémy Brans

Director Light: Babtiste Danger

Make-up and hairstyle: Urteza da Fonseca

Produced by Gabrielle Dailly

Sets and costumes made by Ateliers du Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Cast: Nadège Cathelineau, Romain Cinter, Thomas Dubot, Julien Frege, Amandine Laval, Nicolas Luçon, Florence Minder, Julie Rens, Sophie Sénécaut, Lode Thiery, Sacha Vovk, Uiko Watanabe, Judith Williquet.

Co-producers: the National Theater of Belgium and the Upper Normandy Center for Dramatic Art, the COOP asbl and Shelter Prod. and Vaba Lava.

Armel Roussel (born in 1971) is a French director, writer, stage designer and performance artist based in Belgium. He is the artistic director of the{e}utopia3 company and a teacher at the National Institute of the Performing Arts (INSAS). He has been lecturing and conducting master classes and workshops in several countries including Belgium, France, Switzerland, Senegal, Romania and Togo.

Since the 1990s up to the present Roussel has directed 24 productions such as Roberto Zucco, The Europeans (Les Européens), Burying the Dead / Repairing the Living (Enterrer les Morts/Réparer les Vivants), Our Need for Consolation is Impossible to Fullfil (Notre Besoin de Consolation est Impossible à Rassasier), Hamlet Becoming an Atheist (Hamlet -version athée), Pop, And Björk or course, Fucking Boy, If Tomorrow Disappoints You (Si Demain Vous déplaît), Nothing Hurts, Ivanov Ré/Mix, Fear (La Peur), Rearview, Yukonstyle, Ondine Reconstructed (Ondine démontée), After Fear (Après la Peur).

His last two productions Ondine Reconstructed (Ondine démontée) and After Fear (Après la Peur) have been touring in Canada, Belgium and France. In 2017, Armel Roussel will also be directing plays readings for Radio France International and Le Festival d’Avignon. In 2018, he will run the production of Spring Awakening (L’Eveil du Printemps) in partnership with the National Theater of Belgium and the Haute-Normandie Center for Dramatic Art.

Premier on 10th April 2018. After 10.04.2018

Artist´s talk after the second performance on 11th April. 

Copyright for photos: Amiel Hubert.

Audience under 14 not allowed.

Performed in French with Estonian and English subtitles.

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