• Director

    Magda Szpecht (Poola)

  • Playwright

    Olga Drygas (Poola)

  • Directors assistent

    Michał Rogulski (Poola)

  • Composer

    Krzysztof Kaliski (Poola)


    Mikk-Mait Kivi

  • Stage designer

    Johannes Valdma


    Janar Hakk

  • Sound technician

    Raido Linkmann


    Marion Tammet


    Sirli Pohlak

  • Producer

    Krista Tramberg/Helen Maandi

  • Subtitler

    Triin Pohlak/Laura Romanova


Mad Matrixx, Cyber Shadow, Void Vigilante

We live in a world where the sense of security is merely an illusion. Spy girls are exploiting human weaknesses and finding technical loopholes to get the upper hand in this world full of conflict. “Spy Girls” is a combination of investigative journalism, cyber activism and performing arts. Our actors work undercover in social media as beautiful young women to catfish Russian soldiers.  They are trying to get to know the foe’s worldview, motivations, personal stories, and, most importantly, their objectives and location. They don’t use violence. They are holding space. To stay safe, they will need a multi-layered lie to do so.

In these radical times, hostilities have become a ripe environment for misinformation and disinformation to flourish. While secrets once conferred a huge advantage today open-source information increasingly does. Intelligence used to be a race for insight where great powers, especially ones connected to government agencies, were the only ones with the capabilities to access secrets. Now everyone is racing for insight and the Internet gives them tools to do it. Secrets still matter, but whoever can harness all this data better and faster will win.

How far can one go in carrying out an online investigation? Where to get rules of procedure in a world where the only rule is no rules? How to deal with the consequences and what would be considered a failure?
And… what should we really know about people we know nothing about?

Premiere: 09.02. 2024 Vaba Lava Narva Theatre

Duration: 1h 30 min

The play contains smoke, strobe lights, cursing, and disturbing visual material.

The play is for mature audiences.

SPY GIRLS is in Estonian with English and Russian subtitles.


11.-17.04. 2024 Focus Ukraine – European Theatre Festival 777 TAGE ДНІВ DAYS, Germany

13.-23.06. 2024 Festival Theaterformen, Germany


Ilja Smirnov